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    Out with the old, in with the new.

    Jun 21, 2019

    Trade in your old display & upgrade to the best of Trimble’s Android-based, Precision-IQ-compatible display systems.

    Trimble TMX-2050™ display

    Large 12.1” (30.8 cm) high-definition touch screen guidance display with sharp visuals and a bigger, clearer image.

    GFX-750™ display system

    Reduce cab clutter with this 10″ (25.6 cm) high-definition touch-screen guidance display and NAV-900 roof-mounted guidance controller.

    See website for more product details

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    Making Every Drop, and Dollar, Count

    Jun 21, 2019

    Whether it’s too much, not enough, or in the wrong place, water issues impact almost all farming operations across the globe. Get a head start on tackling those issues with a more effective water management plan through our discounted display and software WM bundles. Users that trade in an old FmX® or FM-1000™ display and upgrade to the TMX-2050 display can now unlock the advanced water management functionality of the FmX Plus application for an unbeatable price.

    Trimble's water management solutions can be used to maximize water-use efficiency, reduce costs, and bolster crop yields by farmers and contractors alike. These user-friendly solutions include innovative leveling, drainage, and land forming systems tailored for optimal grade and water distribution, helping farmers improve overall farm productivity.

    How It Works

    Start by trading in an old FmX or FM-1000 display, choose the WM bundle best suited to your specific needs, and save up to $9250 USD on your TMX-2050 display purchase.

    Everyone faces different water-related challenges throughout the growing season. To address this, Trimble has designed a variety of bundles for customers to choose from. Not only do all bundles come packaged with twohigh accuracy receiver licenses and access to the advanced FmX+ app, but customers can also choose the best water management license combination based on their operational needs:

    • Add a FieldLevel™ II license to complete your bundle for 72% off
    • Add WM-Drain® licenses to complete your bundle for 72% off
    • Add both WM-Drain AND Pitch Control Licenses to complete your bundle for 70% off

    Water you waiting for? Contact your local dealer today to get started.

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    For the Farmer: Flow & Application Control

    Jun 21, 2019

    Don’t miss out on Trimble Ag’s latest discounted Field-IQ™ ISOBUS bundles. These high-value flow and application control solutions for granular, liquid, air cart, slurry and planter operations, come packaged with your choice of 1) cab kit, 2) Precision-IQ compatible display, 3) ISOBUS ECU, 4) task controller, AND 5) a multi-product control license. This promotional bundle offer expires June 21st 2019.

    ISOBUS Explained

    Different systems have different capabilities, making application control a concern for many growers. ISOBUS allows your farm equipment to communicate regardless of the brands you use by providing compatibility between a console and multiple types of implements.

    Trimble® Field-IQ™ ISOBUS Control Solutions is compatible application control. With true ISO compatibility, Field-IQ™ gives you greater control over your investment decisions, helping you get more out of your field and equipment.

    Visit our ISOBUS solution center to learn how you can get more out of the equipment you already own.

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    Make Drift a Myth with TrueTracker™ Implement Steering

    Jun 21, 2019

    Introducing the new Trimble TMX-2050 display combination kits, bundled platform kits designed to make purchasing Trimble Autopilot™ TrueTracker™ automated implement steering straightforward and more affordable. TrueTracker hardware is controlled with the TMX-2050 via the FmX+ Application to deliver tremendous implement accuracy, consistency and value.

    Compatible with the most commonly used platforms, the new combination kits allow farmers the ability to purchase an all-in-one, high-value solution for a lower initial cost. These kits include the following:

    • A radio/receiver combination of your choice + accuracy unlock
    • TrueTracker implement steering system application unlock
    • TrueTracker implement steering system kit
    • NAV Controller III

     Better yet, if you have an old FmX or FM-1000 display and would like to upgrade to the TMX-2050 display to unlock the advanced TrueTracker functionality of the FmX Plus application, you can save even more on your TrueTracker purchase by combining our TMX-2050 combination kits with our high-value FmX trade-up bundle offer. Take advantage of dual-savings by purchasing the base-level trade-up bundle and receive two high accuracy receiver licenses, and access to the advanced FmX+ app for a 71% trade-in value.

    What is TrueTracker?

    TrueTracker is an active implement guidance system that works with your tractor’s Autopilot system to keep your tractor and implement on the same guidance line.

    Drift is a reality for all implements, regardless of size. Controlling that drift enables true precision in your application. TrueTracker keeps hitch-mounted and drawn implements on the same repeatable path as the tractor, even on the worst of terrain.

    Learn more about the benefits of adding Trimble precision to any implement by downloading the TrueTracker™ datasheet.


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    The 2G/3G Turndown is Coming

    Jun 21, 2019

    Major wireless carriers are discontinuing 2G and 3G cellular services in areas all across the globe, while some have already stopped allowing new activation of non-LTE devices. With the 2G/3G network sunset underway, it is important that all non-LTE device users upgrade ahead of the network shutdown to avoid losing connectivity.

    Cue Trimble’s Modem Trade-up Program.

    For a limited time only, all Trimble DCM-300 devices purchased prior to December 31st, 2018 can now be traded in for the Trimble® SNM941 Connected Site Gateway® or the Sierra Wireless GX450 modem. Offer valid until June 21st, 2019.

    Don’t get left behind with 2G/3G – shutdowns are on the horizon. Contact your local reseller to see if your existing hardware qualifies for the trade-up program.

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Introducing Trimble Ag’s Precision Perks Program—Because it makes cents.

For a limited time only, we’re offering deals designed to make purchasing our market-leading precision agricultural solutions easier and more affordable.

Trimble® offers a complete range of products and solutions engineered to improve the productivity of today's farming operations, backed by a nationwide network of Trimble Vantage Partners and Authorized Trimble Resellers to service your operational needs.

Check out our deals of the season below and save on your next purchase of select items through the Precision Perks Program. Offer ends June 21st 2019.