Ever since its foundation in 1973, Bourgalt has been the leading manufacturer of seeding and field management equipment, delivering precision and high-quality cultivators and mounted harrows. Over years of expertise help and recruiting the right people has helped Bourgalt to grow facilities and mass manufacture powerful cultivators to all farmers nationwide, eventually adding air seeding equipment and floating hitch chisel plows into the list. With Bourgalt tools, you get outstanding durability and consistent depth, helping you work easily along the toughest fields for the best results.

  • air seeder

    Air Seeders

    No other air seeder manufacturer can offer the range of sizes, features, and convenience available from Bourgault. Regardless of your operational needs, there is a Bourgault Air Seeder that will work for you.

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  • air drill

    Air Drills

    It is easy to see why Bourgault is #1 in broad acre seeding. With a wide selection of seeding implement choices, each can be configured to suit your particular needs. Large or small, hoe or coulter, there is a Bourgault that will suit you.

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  • mid row banders

    Mid Row Banders & Mid Row Shanks

    Since its introduction in 1996, thousands of Bourgault seeding systems with MRBs® fertilizer applicators have helped farmers provide the best start possible for their crops, both in good and challenging years. Today, over 80% of Bourgault 3320 Paralink Hoe Drills, the most popular independent seeding system on the market are purchased with Mid Row Banders®.

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  • tillage


    Bourgault Industries Ltd. offers several lines of cultivators and chisel plows that provide outstanding durability and consistent depth in all soil conditions.

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  • harrows

    Harrow and Packers

    Bourgault offers a number of products dedicated to support the strong line of seeding systems. Implements designed for residue management, fertilizer application, or seedbed preparation are available to match your particular agriculture operation. You will find the same commitment to quality and durability in each of these products as you can expect from the industry leading Bourgault Seeding Systems.

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  • fertilizer

    Fertilizer Application

    Bourgault is committed to offering a wide range of fertilizer application systems to meet the needs of every agricultural producer.


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  • grain

    Grain Carts

    No other grain cart provides the same features as the Bourgault 1200. The turret-style unloading auger, high flotation running gear, low hitch load and strong truss frame allows you to keep the grain moving and combines thrashing, particularly in tough field conditions.

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