Dickey John

DICKEY-john has been revolutionizing electronics for more than 50 years. Customers look to DICKEY-john for market-leading monitors, controllers, moisture testers, ground speed sensors, and a variety of other systems used in agricultural, public works, and analytical markets.

Today, DICKEY-john has extensive expertise in the areas of engineering and manufacturing. Continuous research and customer partnerships help us develop the latest technological advances in designing precision instrumentation. And our highly-integrated manufacturing is performed in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility.

Customers range from individual farmers to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). No matter what the size, the expectations are the same: a cost-effective, technologically advanced, precision product. This level of performance makes DICKEY-john products the standard equipment for the largest OEMs in the industry.

Applications Sensors
  • thumb3 ag a AirPressureSensor

    Air Pressure Sensors

    Accurate measurement of air pressure in seed hopper

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  • thumb3 ag a ApplicationRateSensor

    Application Rate Sensors

    Accurate shaft rotation measurement

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  • thumb3 Daisy Chain Product Image Web 300x300

    Daisy Chain Air Seeder Blockage System

    Two-way communication provides improved performance for air seeder monitoring

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  • thumb3 ag gss HallEffectSensor

    Hall Effect Sensor

    Durable, economical ground speed measurement

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  • thumb3 ag a HopperLevelSensor

    Hopper Level Sensor

    Accurate hopper level measurement

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  • thumb3 lift switch

    Implement Lift Switch

    Precise implement control for planters and control systems

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  • thumb3 ag a LiquidPressureSensor

    Liquid Pressure Sensor

    Precise liquid pressure measurements

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  • thumb3 Vigilense seed sensor small

    Vigilense Blockage Seed Sensor

    Highly accurate in detecting partial blockages

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