Electronics. Agriculture. Equipment.

Design and manufacture electronic control products for use in agriculture.  Founded in 1994, we have extensive experience with electronic design and farm equipment.  This combination of expertise allows us to make the best use of the latest technology, while ensuring that our products are practical and reliable for every day use in farming operations.


  • 16

    RiteHeight Sprayer Boom Controller

    Automatically controls sprayer boom height.

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  • 33

    RiteDepth Working Depth Controller

    Automatically controls digging/working depth.

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  • 30

    RiteDrop Drop Height Controller

    Automatically controls drop height on root crop harvesters or bin pilers.

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  • 54

    Yield Monitor

    Continuously monitors crop yield on potato and other root crop harvesters.

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  • ritewieght3

    RiteWeight Conveyor Scale

    In-line weighing system for conveyors.

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  • 77

    RiteTilt Automatic Tilt Controller

    Keeps machine level without the need for operator intervention.

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  • RiteSpeed2

    RiteSpeed Belt Slip Monitor

    Detects slippage of belts and conveyors, and stopped or slow drive shafts.

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  • 69

    Rate Monitor - RM100

    Fertilizer application rate monitor and on-board weighing system.

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