Intelligent Ag

Sound Technology for Smarter Farming

We understand your profit margin is subject to a lot of factors you can’t control. So, we make products to help manage the ones you can. Intelligent Ag develops new technologies to make your equipment work smarter and maximize the efficiency of your operation. Our simple yet reliable technologies ensure accuracy in every acre so every bushel looks better on your bottom line.

Innovations to Improve Precision Agriculture

At Intelligent Ag Solutions, what we do is in our name. We develop technologies to help you make the most of your equipment. Smarter farming doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’re dedicated to producing innovative products that make it simple to maximize your profit margin.

We develop a wide range of technologies for advanced machine control systems, sending applications, automated subsystems, machine prognostics and machine health monitoring and innovative electromechanical devices and systems.


  • spreadsense


    Recon SpreadSense®​ is the industry’s first blockage monitor for floaters. Utilizing the same acoustic technology developed for other Recon monitoring
    systems, Recon SpreadSense provides reliable realtime blockage detection.

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  • wireless block and flow

    Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor

    The Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor provides reliable, versatile machine monitoring technology to improve precision in every pass.

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  • zone block and flow

    Zone Blockage and Flow Monitor

    The Recon Zone Blockage and Flow Monitor utilizes the same reliable acoustic technology as our all-run Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor. With a four-port Electronic Control Unit (ECU), this monitoring system is a more affordable way to add reliable blockage monitoring to box drills, strip-till applicators and dry fertilizer applicators.

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  • zone control

    Zone Control

    Enhance your precision seeding capabilities with Intelligent Ag’s Engage®​ Zone Control. We designed and built Engage Zone Control to add yield-boosting, input-reducing technology to your John Deere 1910 air cart. 

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