Weed It

Rometron was established in 1999 by Ir. Roel de Jonge, and started with the further development and optimization of a research project of Wageningen University based on selective weed spraying for public areas (pavements). This product range was named WEED-it, and was focused from the start on obtaining significant savings in chemical usage, and thus environmental loads, and on increasing spray capacity for users.

Nowadays, Rometron has its headquarters in Steenderen, the Netherlands, and is a compact and specialized team of 6 people, working closely together with a range of high-quality soft- and hardware developers, which can be seen in our products. The focus of development has shifted gradually to agriculture, and we are constantly working on improving efficiencies and expanding the range of applications for our products.

The effectiveness of the chlorophyll detection technology was rewarded at the Agritechnica 2015 with a Silver Innovation Medal, in cooperation with the German agricultural machinery manufacturer Amazone and spray nozzle manufacturer Agrotop. 

Weed It Products